Brooklyn Physiotherapy

Brooklyn Physiotherapy is a physical therapist owned and operated private practice located in DUMBO.

ALWAYS 1:1 Patient Care

BK Physio provides New Yorkers with exceptional, individualized rehabilitative services. We are not like other practices. Our model focuses on you and only you. Evaluations are 60 minutes long and follow-up visits are typically 45 minutes in length. At Brooklyn Physiotherapy you will always receive 1:1 care from your Physio. You will never be handed off to an aide, tech, or any other unlicensed ancillary support staff.

Specialists with Global Expertise, Giving our best for the Neighborhood

DUMBO is a dynamic neighborhood. We established Brooklyn Physiotherapy here in the area to deliver that same dynamic energy and high level of quality to the community. What sets us apart is the combination of our global experience integrated with our understanding of the needs of our patients.

Dr. Lozares is the Physiotherapist for several professional athletes worldwide. He trained under leading physios from all over the globe, and cared for patients, veterans, and active duty US military personnel at home in the States. He now delivers this expertise and perspective to our community at home.