Performing Artists

Performing artists are elite athletes. The level of muscular control and coordination they require is extraordinary. If they are injured, resolving pain and restoring strength is merely the beginning of their rehabilitation. Understanding how their injury or movement deficit impacts their ability to perform is critical to designing and progressing each individual’s rehab program.

Working with each artist to understand their functional needs is key to their plan of care.


Dancers must maintain an incredible combination of strength and flexibility, of endurance and explosiveness, and of agility and stability. Your proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness is extraordinary. These are a few of the countless skills which enable you to execute demanding movements. Injuries affecting any of these abilities will impact your ability to move.

Our expertise in orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation allows us to develop the best plan of care so that you can return to practicing your art as soon as possible


Singers can encounter a variety of physical issues that may impact their ability to rehearse and perform. Rib and thoracic dysfunction can significantly impact breathing. Injuries which result in poor core/abdominal control can be devastating if not addressed. Low back/lumbar spine can play a major role in affecting posture, breathing and endurance. Cervical problems such as limited neck motion and pain, headaches or jaw (TMD/TMJ) symptoms may arise.

As a Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist, Dr. Lozares has the clinical background and experience to expertly evaluate and address the problems specific to singers and work towards resolving these issues.


Musicians require a high degree of coordination, fine motor control, and kinesthetic sense to perform well. If you are injured you may encounter neuromuscular deficits which affect these skills. Additionally problems in the neck, shoulders, elbows and hand may prevent you from effectively using your instruments.

When treating a musician we do not just look at the local injury, we ascertain how your function is impacted throughout the kinetic chain. Merely treating a symptom is not rehab. Understanding what you demand of your body in order to perform is crucial. By determining what other underlying factors may be in play and addressing those problems as well enables us to get you healthy as soon as possible.