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Noel is an AMAZING physio. I came in with plantar fasciitis (probably developed it while trying to shift to a mid-foot strike while doing speed work during preparation for a half marathon). My runner friends told me I would have to stop running, wear a crazy boot to bed, etc. But Noel did an excellent evaluation, figured out that my case was not terrible and put me on a plan to get me back on the road. Since he is a runner, he totally understands how we think and how much we want to get back to running as soon as possible. But he was honest with me and what I could expect.
Was it painful? Sure was! But through various stretching exercises, manual releases and strengthening routines, I am happy to report that I am back to running 7+ miles and feel confident I will rock my half marathon in October.
Best PT ever.
P.S.via Google+

I came to Noel with various pains and muscular imbalances due to several years of spending 4-7 hours a day at the piano. I had barely been able to stretch or exercise effectively, and had visited several PT’s in past years.  Since I didn’t have one specific “injury”, many people I had seen in the past were unable to see the connection between the various symptoms I suffered from.

Noel was able to efficiently navigate the fairly complicated (and widespread) nature of my difficulties, guiding me through the necessary work during sessions and also providing me with specific “homework” which I could tackle on my own. His dedication to his patients is exemplary (he answered my questions between sessions via phone calls and emails on more than one occasion), and his commitment to the complete process of healing an injury is rare and admirable. I have seen a huge improvement over the course of my sessions with Noel, and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone of his caliber.

K.F.via yelp

Noel did the number one thing that you were supposed to do when there is a problem that needs fixing: assess the problem and set goals to overcome it. After I was recovering from an ankle surgery still on crutches and in a walking cast I was meeting with a therapist who I didn’t see the end in sight in what exercises they were doing with me. I was starting to get confused and frustrated with the recovery process because I didn’t see how my therapy was lining up with what I was wanting to do as a recovered patient.

Then I met Noel, and as a financial consultant, who literally consults people on their goals, he began the exact same process with me. He asked me “what activities do you want to get back to?” and as someone who had been in therapy for months I had never been asked that. I didn’t realize that this was exactly the type of therapy I wanted and he took me out of that confused and frustrated feeling I had of not knowing how I was supposed to recover. His therapy was extremely educational and he taught me about how simply walking down the street and dodging oncoming pedestrians is something simple that we should prepare my ankle for. We did exercises that taught my ankle about shifting body weight quickly back-and-forth and how it could build better endurance.

He was a realist in that his therapy was situations that would normally happen in New York City on the streets on a daily basis. Most of all, he wanted me to graduate and not come back anymore, he knew I was spending money out of pocket and that it was a burden and he wanted to make our time together as effective as possible. In summation, he understands patient needs and works to educate and build goals around the progress you make. Two thumbs up!

R.J.via yelp

I visited Noel as a client in 2010 for rehabilitation after undergoing shoulder surgery. I was fortunate to be able to work with someone who devoted time and attention to me as if I was his only client. Noel made it a point to explain everything he was recommending and performing on me, as well as to answer all of my questions, on-topic or off-. Noel also followed up with me between sessions, gave me motivation to perform my PT (no matter how grueling) and stayed in contact after his work was done. It was a pleasure working with Noel; his professionalism and demeanor are beyond amazing.

P.P.via FB

Noel came with our snowboard team to New Zealand and Italy, and was always super helpful. I had knee and shoulder problems, and he was able to relieve the pain through one short session. He’s a really nice guy and he helped me feel the best that I could for each contest. After seeing him, I could identify my strengths and weaknesses so that going into this season I feel better than ever!

A.G.via FB

This guy is amazing. I’ve had sports related leg injuries which many many MANY physical therapists have been able to make very little progress with. These were initially caused by squash (a pretty damaging sport for your legs) and they’ve become somewhat chronic.  Chronic and acute tendonitis and tedonosis in both achilles, damaged plantar fascia and tendonitis in my right patella. PTs have been trying for nearly twelve months to get results. Then … I find … Noel. I have ONE session with him and get an immediate improvement. What?! I am walking properly again … I can’t believe it. We are part way through the program and I find myself looking forward to the sessions because I know how much good they do. This man is SO knowledgeable. Awesome.

S.D.via yelp

I saw Noel after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I had seen other PT’s prior to him but Noel was by far better than all of them put together. He was able to quickly identify what was going on with me neurologically and act quickly on resolving the issue. In just a few weeks I was feeling so much better. He is very encouraging which is so important in a health professional since chronic pain can really effect mood! He is also very professional yet personal which I also really like. I HIGHLY recommend him.

D.B.B.via FB

Noel was instrumental in helping me recover from ACL reconstructive surgery. His ability to communicate with his patients and his attention to detail is what sets him apart. He helped craft a plan of recovery based on my individual needs and was truly engaged in my rehab — highly recommend!

N.M.via FB

I have had Noel on two trips with me as the US Snowboard Team PT. He has been awesome, on our last trip to New Zealand he helped in particularly in loosening up some pain I was having in my shoulders and my calves. Noels help let me compete painlessly and with more confidence! Thanks Noel!!

B.F.via FB

Noel was helping me regain strength and full range of movement in my shoulder after my surgery. He’s done a superb job and his results have fairly exceeded the expectations of the orthopedist, who did not expect me to regain the full range of movement (this was my second surgery). Throughout the process his proven not only to be exceptionally professional and very knowledgable but he’s also done a brilliant job keeping me motivated and keeping my spirits up all the time. He is a very charming guy and can turn even the most challenging physical therapy process into an experience you are actually enjoying. I can highly recommend him

M.P.via LinkedIn

Noel came with the U.S. Team and I over to New Zealand. This was the first time I met Noel and he was very professional but also a good friend. I had problems with my back on and off the mountain. He loosened it up for me and got me riding 100% in no time. Also he showed me stretches to loosen up my body and stay healthy. Thanks Noel!

B.E.via FB

Noel helped me recover from a pretty nasty back injury. From the first time he took a look at me, he put me to work with posture exercises. Twice a week for 6 weeks Noel used a customized combination of different exercises, stretches, pilates, etc to help me get back to where I was before the injury. His techniques and positive encouragement were essential to my successful recovery. Highly recommended!

E.K.via FB

I saw Noel back in 2009, for rehabilitation, on my Right Shoulder, after a sailing accident. Which resulted in surgery. With Noel’s knowledge, supervision and handy work, I was back with FULL mobility and in the gym. Highly recommended.

P.S.via LinkedIn